The Triple Threat to Men

Research has shown that men are 35% less likely to go for medical checkups than women. This fact makes men more prone to the development of diseases that show mild or no symptoms at all in the beginning. The three deadly silent killers affecting men are heart disease, prostate cancer and diabetes.

Heart Disease

One in four men dies due to a heart related disease. There are in fact several diseases that fall under the general term ‘heart disease’. The most common ones include (but not limited to) coronary artery disease, heart failure and arrhythmias.

Causes and risk factors

– Family history of heart diseases.

– High blood pressure.

– High cholesterol levels.

– Poor, unhealthy diet.

– Obesity.

– Lack of physical activity.

– Smoking.

– Aging.

Preventive measures

– Quit smoking.

– Eat healthy.

– Keep your optimal weight.

– Exercise on a regular basis.

– Treat medical conditions such as high blood pressure, for example, which usually result in heart problems.

Prostate Cancer

It is the second most common type of cancer in men after skin cancer with estimated fatalities of over 30,000 men every year in the US. Worldwide, there are over 1.1 million men diagnosed with the condition with 270,000 diagnosed yearly in the United States.

Causes and risk factors

– Age: The risk of getting prostate cancer increases rapidly in men over 50 years.

– Ethnicity: Men of African descent are twice more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white men. Hispanic and Asian men are less likely to develop the disease.

– Family history: Men who come from families with a history of prostate cancer are twice more like to develop the disease.

– Diet: Excess consumption of red meat, sutured fats and some dairy products can increase your chances of getting prostate cancer.

Preventive measures

– Minimize the consumption of sutured fats and fatty dairy products.

– Watch your weight by either consuming less calories or hitting the gym at least a few times a week.

– Eat a lot of fish that contains omega 3 fatty acids, which has been proven to lower the risk.

– Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.


The International Federation of Diabetes reports that there are over 415 million people suffering from diabetes mellitus worldwide. Men are a bit more susceptible to the disease: there are over 15 million more men suffering from diabetes than women.

Causes and risk factors

– Family history.

– Being overweight.

– Having a diet with too much sugar.

– Insulin resistance.

Preventive measures

– Eat healthy foods: It is recommended that one eats foods with low fat and sugar content and high fiber such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

– Exercise: Simple exercises such as bike riding and jogging help keep diabetes at bay.

– Shed excess weight: Since being overweight is the major risk factor, try to ensure that your weight remains within safe limits.